About Riedizioni Prints

RIEDIZIONI PRINTS is the name of a new concept, introduced in 2015: a series of personal and home accessories made of 100% polyurethane.

The images reproduced on polyurethane originate from Riedizioni iconic designs or from Riedizioni Speciali (unique pieces made from limited exclusive materials).

These products, all hand made in Italy, are soft, light and completely waterproof.


“When I first started the Riedizioni Collection –  20 years ago! – I envisioned the possibility to show and sell in a contemporary art museum store originals and not reproductions… products between art and design: one of a kind, innovative, made out of scraps (post-production and post-consumers materials), producible in large quantities and affordable to a large audience as design should be.

We still like to keep the original idea and collection, which is now sold to more high-end stores and galleries, but we also realized that some designs have become sort of iconic and I thought it could be fun to work with those images and to reproduce – as well as transform – them through digital printing.

Digital printing is such a fascinating technique that gives many other possibilities and a completely different and more modern feel!

To print onto polyurethane has been challenging, but thanks to the availability of an excellent partner we found the way… at least a beginning of what we hope will be a very interesting and long way.”

Luisa Cevese, 2016